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The Reliability of the Bible as Compared to other Ancient Text

The Acceptance of Ancient Documents Defined:

The simplified list below illustrates the way ancient texts were classified in order to determine the key componants of what makes a document textually reliable. You first want to measure the time between the origional manuscript and date of the first written copy. Second you want to count the number of copies in existance. The more copies that are in existance, the easier it becomes to detect and correct errors as well as to ascertain the content of the origional. These are very crucial steps needed when determining if a document is authentic.

Author When Written Earliest Copy Time Span # of Copies
Caesar 50BC 900 AD 950 years 10
Plato 350 BC 900 AD 1250 years 7
Aristotle 300 BC 1100 AD  1400 years 5
Thucydides 400 BC 900 AD 1300 years 8
Herodotus 400 BC 900 AD 1300 years 8
Sophocles 400 BC 1000 AD 1400 years 100
Tacitus 100 AD 1100 AD 1000 years 20
Pliny 100 AD 850 AD 750 years 7

New Testament

40 -100 AD 125 AD 25 years 24000

 Old Testament        800-400 BC                    250-200 BC                    150 years                14000 

For the record the Bible boasts over 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New testament



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