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Welcome To Our Bible Studies!

This section dives into a vast array of spiritual topics ranging from how we should live, learn, and be blessings to others! In addition special attention given to avoid the cunning traps of the enemy who is constantly on the attack in His attempts to throw us off God's path for our lives. Tune in and if you would like to go into detail with anything you have learned on this site, by all means please reach out!

God Bless!


June 2019 The Relationship Series

Tune in as Minister Michael Taylor explores the Story of Essau and Jacob. This story dives deep into the mind of someone who willingly allowed their circumstances to compell and controll the way they operate in the world. Unfortunately some of us refuse to walk into the life the Lord has called us to live, while most enjoy the perks that come with it, unfortunately we allow our circumstances to override the benefits and the protections that come with serving the Lord the way he wants to be served. Let us take this time to focus on the type of personal relationship the Lord really wants with his people.

Listen Here: Relationships

2019 June

1 Kings Chapter 13

Join us as we take a deeper look into the rein of Jeroboam and the significant things that were done under his rule. During this important time period due to the division of the kingdom of Israel and the institution of a false religion authorized by the hand of Jeroboam himself. Lets tune in as Minister Calvin connects the dots with the similarities believers are exposed to in the current day.

What Do You Think God Gives Us Grace For?

What Do You Think God Gives Us Grace For?

Have you heard the catch phrase " I am coverd by Grace?" Unfortunately this may be one of the most misunderstood words used through out Christian circles worldwide. The question is why is this so? As Belivers we understand Ephesians 2:8 when it says "For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not of yourselves it is the gift.." However when it comes to grace do we really understand this phenominal gift and its application?

Lets join Minister Calvin and see what he was able to discover in God's Word, Be Blessed!

Can you be a diciple of Jesus Christ and not be Born Again?

It has been well documented that anywhere you look in The New Testament you can see how high the stakes were for those who choose to follow Jesus. All throughout New Testament scripture we are constantly reminded of the severe persecution the 1st Century Church endured for the sake of following Christ. Interestingly enough the question arose, "Could you be a diciple of Jesus Christ and not be born again?" Let us tune in with minister Cal Sanders as he presents this question to the ministry. You just may be surprised at what they discovered when they examined the question closely. 

Be Blessed!

Are You Spiritually Employed? Or Unemployed?

Are we Spiritually employed? Make no mistake working on the behalf of the Lord in todays society has become more and more complex. In todays work place it becoming more and more common to quiet the Christian voice. We see it visibly on the telivision where Christian personalities are alienated by their employers and co-workers when they offer the Christian prosepective to the various events taking place today. Lets tune in as Minister Calvin reminds us of what the Lord has to say on this most important matter. Be Blessed!


As Christians we are called to serve the Lord in a multitude of ways. Sometimes in the midst of our new lives in Christ, we get stagnant and stuck when it comes to communicating to those in whom we come in contact, of the things concerning the Lord. Listen in as Minister Mike brings a word of warning and encouragement, reminding us as believers to never bail on the convictions and spiritual truths the Lord gave us to communicate to the world. 

Be Blessed!

The Ninth Hour

In Matthew 27:46 Jesus cries out while on the cross "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Did The Lord really abandon His Son in his most desperate hour? Does this scripture support those who choose to believe that perhaps Jesus was not God? Or is there a more relevant meaning that we as Believers need apply to our own life experiences? Lets tune into to our final message of the year and hear what we pray will bless you as we continue our journey in ministry this year and beyond. Be Blessed!

I once was Blind But Now I See!

Tune in as Minister Michael Taylor dissects the levels of blindness that exist in the world today. The people who were once blind and now they see, those who are currently blind and believe they see, and last but not least the blind leading the blind. We pray this study blesses you the way it blessed us.

Divine Intervention

Just what is Divine Intervention and what role does this special gift play in the life of the Believer? Tune in as two great friends in the Lord Minister Mike and Cal, dive in to discover the in-depth meaning behind it. 



This may be one of the more misunderstood words in the entire Bible.We have constantly seen this word associated with the following of Chirst but do we completely understand why? For many of us I believe there is still some uncertainty concerning the word Repentance. Most of us believe its just the simple process of turning from our sins. Tune in as we attempt to illustrate the act of Repentance being a little deeper than that.

Don’t Die In Your Circumstances


Are we guilty of allowing our current situations and circumstances to block the true blessings of God? In other words when things aren’t going the way we like it are we guilty of turning our backs on the Lord and the true blessings he has for our lives? Tune is as Minister Michael Taylor brings the focus on what dangers lay ahead for those of us who do not recognize one of the oldest death traps against mankind. 

Be blessed!





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