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As we continue to move about in these uncertain times we wanted to improve upon the ways we as believers connect. We here at Hard Drive Ministries always shared the motto the true Gospel must get out no matter what. That's why we were motivated to begin live on-line fellowship with our brethren around the country. The word out on the streets is that Sunday at 11:00 am is the most segregated time in the world for all Christians. The ministers at Hard Drive are determined to rewrite that narrative. We have stood and will continue to stand that we are all called to serve the Lord uniformly the right way. While we understand that we are all unique people with many different gifts in Christ, we are still One Body of believers born to serve our Lord in the way He intended.

Now that we no longer feed on baby milk, let us take our rightful places as men of God at the table where the real meat and potatoes are being served.....Hard drive Ministries Advanced Studies.

The Christology Series

Christology- The study of the nature, and work of Jesus Christ. Taking an in-depth look, into the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. How these two distinct persons interact and the role that Jesus plays in salvation.

  • The Deity of Jesus Christ
  • The Hypo Static Union
  • The Fullfillment of Old Testament Prophesy
  • The Resurrection
  • And many more topics to be covered in this can't miss series

Christology Intro 

Christology Jan 10th 2021

1st John

Listen Here: 1st John


It has been well documented that anywhere you look in The New Testament you can see how high the stakes were for those who choose to follow Jesus. All throughout New Testament scripture we are constantly reminded of the severe persecution the 1st Century Church endured for the sake of following Christ. Interestingly enough the question arose, "Could you be a diciple of Jesus Christ and not be born again?" Let us tune in with minister Cal Sanders as he presents this question to the ministry. You just may be surprised at what they discovered when they examined the question closely. 

Be Blessed!

1 John

What are the tell tale signs of a true believer? What really seperates us from the rest? Why was John so adimate about challenging the Gnostics?

Let's tune back in to 1st Johns as we continue to explore together what John was after?

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