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The Lord Has Need Of You

The Lord Has Need Of You

How is it that God needs us? Anyone who has ever read the Bible, can clearly see that the God of the universe has no need for anyone or anything. However we can see that in the Bible the Lord makes reference to him needing us. What is the underlining meaning of this need? Is it that the Lord really needs our resources or is a deeper meaning behind it? Lets tune in and find the answers.

Was Jesus a Christian?

Was Jesus Christ A Christian?

At first glance you may be thinking what sort of question is this? It actually was presented in a discussion with a Nation of Islam leader at one of his conferences. It's importan as believers to stay in tuned with the many misinterprested teachings that goes forth in the world so as not to be takin off course by their message. In todays message we will explore this question closely and look to clarify one and for all.

Be blessed

Has Your Rebellion Been Redirected. PT2

Has Your Rebellion Been Redirected?

God Has a window period when he makes himself available, and then times up. We have to realize that the Lord does not give an unlimited time period to serve Him. We must answer the call when that phone rings and not a minute too late. Tune in as Minister Cal explores more details on this topic. 

Is All Sin The Same? PT.1

Is all Sin the same?

Great question.Join in as Minister Calvin Sanders gives an even better answer. This age old question has stumped many of todays believers. The added complexity of easy sin access places added emphasis in understanding how Chistians should view sin. Tune in and be blessed! 

Is All Sin The Same? PT.2

Last week we asked was all Sin the same. Tune in this week as we continue to pursue the age old question is it or is it not. Be Blessed.

IS All Sin The Same PT.3

Tune in as we bring home the conclusion to our 3 part series titled is all Sin the Same. Minister Calvin will attempt to shed light on how sin is viewed in the sight of The Lord. We pray that together we can finally put to rest, the question whose answer has eluded so many Christians in our community. Be Blessed!

Is God Amongst us or not?

Is God amoungst us or not?

This age old question that came up back in the desert of Mt. Sinai continues to resurface even today amongst God's people.

Tune in as Minister Cal ventures back to his child hood roots in the Bronx NY and shares some spirititual insite with some very special friends. You just might be surprised what we find.


Come Let Me Show You Something

Tune in with us this morning as we explore the mind of the prophet Ezekiel immediately following the judgement the Lord passed down on the Nation of Israel. Interestingly enough the people of God today in most cases view the world through the same pair of lenses as this great phophet did. We easliy recognize those around the world whose sin is far greater than ours at least thats how we see it. For the most part the people of this nation recognize God and his authority over our lives and do what we believe is our best to live by his standards. However lets take a closer look this morning with Minister Calvin, and let him show you something.



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